Pray and Believe

Two weeks have passed .... I prayed. I believed. There was no where else I really could go with my request. Except to God. God the Father ... God the Son... And God the Holy Spirit.

When things are serious ... I write my prayers out. It was serious ... no funny business here. No jokes. No laughter ...

With every situation I've ever been in where I have had to rely only on God - I've writen. I've verbally prayed. I've cried out to Him. When His daughter is in pain - she comes to Him with her requests and let's them be known unto Him. He hears ... because He draws near to me. It is a praise report that He entirely met this mountain and said "not my will" for her to face this alone. Because she's mine ... because she believed... I am causing my favor to go before her and she now she will see my glory.

My Father in heaven ... He loves me like this!

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