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My 53 years old idea of praying is tremendously different than my 10 year old prayers, my 16 year old prayers, and even my 27 year old prayers. Those 16 year old prayers were such a temporary 911 alarm type of prayer and it modled the selfishness i was living out during that particular time in my life.  Petitioning my own little "created" "god in a box" and i would pull Him out - just to answer my every little whim.  Or i may have pulled Him out especially WHEN i was afraid. Or needing something that was never meant to fill my heart. Or complete my life. Through the years as I read His WORD, i have come to know Him so personally.  In such a way that really wasn't evident at 10, 16, and even 27... It was just another step of learning the ropes. Prayer is a love language between you and your Heavenly Father.  Prayer exemplifies a relationship between the two of you. A humble dependancy upon the One who created you. Prayer is a PRIVILEGE. It is also one that i am

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