Knowing and Doing Job 28:28

How many times have I known what to do - but didn't do it? More times than I can count. More times than I am truly willing to admit. To be totally honest - until I really wanted to be like the LORD - I continued to CHOOSE my own way. I chose my own decisions. Until I had a heart that really desired His will and not my own - I continually walked in the way of the sinners. The scoffers. The path of the unrighteous. In other words, without the LORD as my savior - I was lost. Wandering ...

The verse that has just opened my eyes literally has just jumped off the page ... It comes from the book of Job.

 "And to man He said, Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom; And to depart from evil is understanding.' "
Job 28:28

If I am unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ - I must be willing to share Him with everyone I meet. Get out of my comfort zone. Walk away from that sin that pushes me back down in that pit. I want not only wisdom ... But I want understanding as well. For me ... it's the point of contact. Where the rubber meets the road. Where tread begins - taking that verse from God's Holy Word AND applying it to my life and seeing it come to life. Wisdom AND understanding - LORD I desire this today. In Jesus' name I pray - amen!

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